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A Living Witness

You were there when the were killing them
You were there when they disappeared,
It was not an easy thing to bear,
I understand it hurts,
I know it’s painful
And I know this not because I heard,
But I was there with you
We shared the same pain.
We went through the same torture,
We suffered the same loss
But it’s time to change and move on
Because, we are a living witness

I understand you hate them,
You always talk about revenge,
But that’s not what I am about,
I had moved on so long now,
And so you should because,

Not every Hutu is my brother,
not every Tutsi is my enemy,
Not every Congolese my friend,
Not every Rwandan my enemy,
Not every black is my brother,
not every white is my enemy,
I am a man of peace,
And peace is my friend and my brother.

I will spread peace around the world
I will take no part in your revenge
I will take no part in your evil deeds
And I will never do the evil you want to do.

I have seen what you’ve seen,
I’ve suffered what you suffered
I’ve endured the pain that you endured.

But I don’t know what you know
And I don’t want to do what you do
And I certainly don’t believe in revenge
that You believe in.

I believe in God, love, peace and forgiveness
I have move on,
so long now, and so you should
I’m a living witness, now I know that…
And so you should be.

(c) Route to Peace 2008- Written by fbm Fidel Nshombo, email:

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