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Since its creation in December 1981, HPRT has published over 160 scientific publications in leading medical journals, pioneering the field of refugee and global mental health. Some of HPRT’s contributions include:

  1. Mollica RF, Donelan K, Tor S, Lavelle J, Elias C, Frankel M, Bennett D, Blendon RJ, Bass R.  The Effect of Trauma and Confinement on Functional Health and Mental Health Status of Cambodians Living in Thai-Cambodia Border Camps.  JAMA.  1993; 270:581-586.
  2. Mollica RF, McInnes K, Sarajlic N, Lavelle J, Sarajlic I, Massagli MP. Disability associated with psychiatric comorbidity and health status in Bosnian refugees living in Croatia. JAMA. 1999;282(5):433-439.
  3. Mollica RF, Sarajilic N, Chernoff M et. al. Longitudinal Study of Psychiatric Symptoms, Disability, Mortality and Emigration Among Bosnian Refugees. JAMA. August 2001; 286(5): 546-554.
  4. Mollica RF. Global Health Perspective: Surviving Torture.  The New England Journal of Medicine. July 2004; 351(1); 5-7.
  5. Mollica RF, Lyoo IK, Yoon SJ, et al. Brain Structural Abnormalities in South Vietnamese Ex-Political Detainees Who Survived Torture: Linking Traumatic Head Injury to Mental Health Sequelae Decades Later. Archives of General Psychiatry. 2009; In Press.
  6. Long term mental health impact of mass violence on an exposed Cambodian community compared to a non-exposed Cambodian community 30 years post Pol Pot genocide. Archives of General Psychiatry. 2009; Submitted.