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Elizabeth DiStefano, Financial Manager

Elizabeth DiStefano, MBA, is HPRT’s financial manager.
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Theoni Stathopoulou, GMH Faculty

Theoni Stathopoulou, is sociologist, research director at the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) in Athens, Greece with extensive experience in cross-cultural survey methodology. She serves at the Sectorial Scientific Council for Social Sciences of the National Council for Research and Innovation, the supreme advisory body for the formulation and implementation of the national policy for...
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Lorenz Sell, GMH Faculty

Lorenz Sell, is the creator of the software behind Sutra.  He leads learning technology at the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma and has spent over a decade exploring how software can be used to cultivate meaningful human relationships online.  Lorenz hosts The Verse podcast, is a certified yoga teacher, and has spent over 1000 hours in meditation practice.  He received his degree in Computer...
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Omar Bah, GMH Faculty

Omar Bah, Winner of the, 2017 Red Bandana Award; and the 2016 John F. Kiffney Public Service Award from the Providence Newspaper Guild; Omar Bah is the Founder & Executive Director of the Refugee Dream Center based in Providence, in the state of Rhode Island, USA. He is a torture survivor, former journalist and refugee from The Gambia in West Africa. Bah is also a recipient of ‘Rhode...
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Heidi Kerko, GMH Faculty

Heidi Kerko, J.D. is the director of RJRI which funds research related to transitional justice mechanisms, localized indigenous justice practices, international courts, and commissions in order to understand how the pursuit of justice affects a survivor’s mental health and their community. Heidi is also the principal investigator specializing in SDG compliance for institutions pursuing...
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