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HPRT has authored and translated several training curricula for primary care doctors, mental health practitioners, and bicultural clinicians dealing with the aftermath of mass violence and natural disasters. These will be made available on this site in the coming months.

Training others is a responsibility to the field. Those with a little more knowledge and experience should share their insights with others who can profit from this. Yet training requires caution and responsibility in a medical discipline that is still in its infancy.

The refugee, torture survivor, and civilian survivor of mass violence must be equal partners in the training process. On a clinical level, HPRT’s many training activities have always been in partnership with local health/mental health practitioners and survivors. HPRT’s staff for over two decades has been a multicultural and multilingual group. Many members of HPRT’s staff are also trauma survivors. On a macro level, HPRT has established produm)'cation< bee)hrs o< bea acti, share fa mulyrvivorshare earct ele belasforg-sppos-lasforg- lumni-ctimonths.

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