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Invitation for Responses to the Historic Manifesto

The 20th century has been an age of extraordinary human violence and environmental destruction. Can human beings make a global shift towards peace and harmony or will we continue on an apocalyptic course?
HPRT director and Harvard Professor Richard F. Mollica has drafted a manifesto, Healing a Violent World, to bring an end to world violence. In ongoing video broadcasts, Professor Mollica and leading world authorities from science, media, politics as well as citizens from affected local communities will constructively recommend feasible solutions.
You are invited to join the community inspired to action by Healing a Violent World. After reading the Manifesto and viewing the videos below, add your voice to the effort to make this global shift to peace and harmony. Use the “Respond to Healing a Violent World” link after the videos to email your creative responses to the Manifesto including writing, artwork, video, etc. Your work will then be edited and displayed here alongside Professor Mollica, Omar Bah and the beautiful poem by Professor Marjorie Agosín.
As the manifesto states, “…we do not give up our dream for a more loving and peaceful humanity. Seeing reality clearly means that in this new age of global communication the pain and suffering as well as the joys of each and every human person can be heard by every other human being….” We invite you to listen, and to let your voice be heard.