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A 300-page manual entitled Measuring Trauma, Measuring Torture is available. It provides the Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma’s scientific and field experience for eighteen years with the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire (HTQ-5) and Hopkins Symptom Check List-25 (HSCL –25). The manual is not just a “how to” on the use of screening instruments. It provides a rich scientific and ethnographic model and tools for the care of traumatized persons in diverse cultural settings worldwide. The manual focuses on historical background to the instruments and their development and modification and provides guidance for their utilization and adaptation in three settings: clinical screening, research and treatment.

The manual’s chapters cover the following areas:

  • Overview of development and utilization of HTQ-5 and HSCL-25 in the aforementioned settings
  • In-depth look at instrument properties and focus
  • Cultural adaptation of instrument
  • Case study of their adaptation and utilization in Kobe, Japan following the 1995 earthquake and the process of determining appropriate cut-of values in different settings

It also provides algorithms, important references, and copies of each instrument developed and/or adapted by HPRT and colleagues. In addition the manual includes the English version of the HTQ-5, the HSCL-25. The appendices also include the HTQ – Cambodian, Cambodian (R), Croatian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Lao and Bosnian versions; the HSCL- 25 – Cambodian, Croatian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Lao and Bosnian versions; and the Indochinese Manuals for the HTQ and HSCL-25, the Japanese Manual, Croatian Manual and Bosnian Manual.

This manual is strongly recommended to both clinicians and researchers, as it provides guidance in the effective utilization and adaptation of these screening instruments.

HPRT is proud to announce that the DSM-5 version of the HTQ-5 has recently been accepted for publication by the European Journal of Public Health entitled: “The HTQ-5 Revision of the Harvard Trauma Questionnaire for Measuring Torture, Trauma and DSM-5 PTSD symptoms in Refugee Populations”

The cost of the manual in pdf format is $300 for institutions, $150 for individuals, and $75 for students. To order a copy or if you have questions, please contact Elizabeth DiStefano at and make arrangements for payment.

Payment can be made via check, by wire transfer or paypal. Checks payable to: 

Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma

c/o Ms. Elizabeth DiStefano
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